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Type: NLD Landrace IBL

Style: Ganja


District: Tatai

Province: Koh Kong

Area: Damrei Range

Region: Southern Cambodia

Appellation: Cardamom Mountains

Country: Cambodia


Koh Kong province, nestled between the ocean the Cardamom mountains in the far west of Cambodia was completely disconnected from the rest of the country until the early 2000s when paved roads would finally connect it to a coastal highway stretching the length of the Cambodian coast and on into nearby Thailand. Later would come a road to replace the old smuggler's trails accross the Cardamom mountains. 

Smuggling trails were necessary for carrying cannabis across the Thai border in remote areas of the Cardamoms heading into Chantaburi province. Cannabis would come from all the nearby cannabis growing regions including the cleared patches of forest around the Tatai river. 

Since the arrival of the Hat Lek border and highway, the eradication campaigns forced all but the smallest, most hidden and remote grows to stop growing or to move elsewhere - with many families choosing the latter and relocating to Kompong Som and Takeo province to grow cannabis for selling to the Vietnamese and local tourist market in the early 2000s. 


Good quality locally grown landrace cannabis from the Tatai river area and the Cardamom mountains as a whole is getting harder to find by the year - replicating a trend seen across the entire country. 


More information coming soon as we plan to return to the area in 2023



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  • According to the Single Convention on Narcotic drugs signed in Vienna in 1961, the possession, importation and traffic of hemp seeds are not subject to regulation. This treaty expressly excludes cannabis seeds from the list of narcotic substances that are subject to international oversight. However, while the possession of hemp seeds is not a criminal offense in France, the cultivation of cannabis can result in administrative and penal sanctions as stipulated by Article 222-35 of the Penal Code. Zomia Collective S.A.R.L. carries no responsibility for the misuse of any products sold to users. Zomia Cannabis Collective store, and its domains, remain compliant with French law.


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