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Image by Boudewijn Huysmans

Discover rare landraces from the Lowlands:
Zomia Collective's Lowland Landrace Seed Collection


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Rivers, Civilisation and Empire. 

The lowlands are always the natural home of heavily built up societies. Rivers such as the Mekong or Chao Praya and basins such as the Tonle Sap are so fertile as to be able to provide for huge populations and with these large and crucially, complex agricultural networks enters Cannabis into the story. 

While the plant is perhaps better adapted to mountainous regions, Cannabis, like most plants - grows very vigorously in fertile soil. Farmers in the Lowlands are experts at maximising yields and due to the relative stability of their societies compared to Highland peoples are able to maintain lineages over the course of centuries in some cases. This effect leads to more elaborated Cannabis strains, who have undergone tremendous selection efforts in order to cater for the vast needs of populations such as those found in Lowland regions. In turn, this has given us today very stable and high yielding varieties - absolute dream plants for any grower due to their ancient pedigrees and the hard work of generations of passionate growers past into turning these strains into the beauties they are today. 

Zomia is by definition the opposite of the Lowlands, the lowlands are the contrast by which Zomian identity is fostered. However, for our purposes - the Cannabis strains and peoples of Zomia are inextricably linked with those of the Lowlands, thus we have chosen to include the Lowland region in our project. 

Join us as we explore the Zomia Lowlands!

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