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Synonyms: Tararawadee, Dharavati

Type: Open Pollinated Landrace

Style: Ganja


District: Dan Chang

Province: Suphan Buri

Area: Tenasserim Hills

Region: Western Thailand

Appellation: Tenasserim Hills

Country: Thailand


Very rare accession from an open pollinated landrace population from the "Tarawadee" genepool maintained in Dan Chang, Suphan Buri by several growers in the area. 

A classic NLD type structure typical to the autochtonous landraces of the Tenasserim Hills that produces relatively dense, thick colas of resinous flowers often showing a spicy, incense like character. 

This is one of the less well known landraces within Thailand is supposed to have its origins in Cannabis grown by Mon peoples. 


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  • According to the Single Convention on Narcotic drugs signed in Vienna in 1961, the possession, importation and traffic of hemp seeds are not subject to regulation. This treaty expressly excludes cannabis seeds from the list of narcotic substances that are subject to international oversight. However, while the possession of hemp seeds is not a criminal offense in France, the cultivation of cannabis can result in administrative and penal sanctions as stipulated by Article 222-35 of the Penal Code. Zomia Collective S.A.R.L. carries no responsibility for the misuse of any products sold to users. Zomia Cannabis Collective store, and its domains, remain compliant with French law.


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