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Thailand Landrace, Domesticate and Heirloom map

Work in progress - but it gives you a little idea of where we have made our landrace and heirloom accessions in Thailand so far.

Big areas of the map yet to cover and we need your help!

As I head off to India for the next season to plan for a study on terroir in Himachal pradesh and go collecting in the Northeast and Orissa - we are already thinking ahead to 2023 and the possibilities that lie there.

We'd like to continue tracing the history of landrace Cannabis in Southeast Asia via expeditions to Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and the Maluku Islands following a hunch that ancient Austronesians may have disseminated NLD type cannabis throughout the Indo-pacific region. Aceh, Ambon and the Sepik River basin in particular are high on the list of priorities.

However this will only be able to happen with community support. Paying the farmers fairly leaves us on a shoestring budget with which to travel and regions such as these require far more logistical support than our backyard here in mainland South and Southeast Asia. We want to launch more ambitious projects and in turn - reward our supporters with some of the rarest genetics on the planet as we visit cannabis hotspots all over the region.

The second drop of beans for our subscribers fast approaches - there has never been a better time to join the Zomia Collective!

Shout out to our existing subscribers, you make this all possible.

Sincerely,thank you all!

Zo Mi

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