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Next Expeditions

We're very close to having finalised our next expeditions. Thailand has recently proposed decriminalisation and so we hope to move forward rapidly with some trips to previously unreachable areas and with overt activism for the first times. While the recent developments are tainted by the involvement and hegemony of the Thai Junta, CP group and the various powerful interest groups - this change still represents a markedly different approach towards cannabis from the Thai state that will allow us to roll out some of our plans with unexpected speed. In particular we are now able to entertain operating as a non-profit NGO in Thailand and engage open activism - namely the formation of the core networks which will serve as the foundation for the implementation of Appellations, Landrace certification, studies on the local terroir and more. Expect exciting news from us soon along with a confirmation of Thailand as our destination and our expedition targets - which are likely to be in the Shan Hills, Khorat Plateau, Cardamom Mountains,Tennasserim Hills and hopefully the Sankalakiri range near the Malay border. We are going to go everywhere - because we finally can! Regarding Laos, Cambodia and India: Laos' visa situation is still unclear - as late as two weeks ago the country was finally accepting short term tourist visas for visitors on pre-booked tours. In the last few days changes have been announced thus it seems like we may be able to mount a trip to Laos this year (albeit brief most likely) as long as cross border travel with Thailand is possible without too many complications or risk. Possible trips there include Khammouane, Bolikhamsai, Xayaboury and the Bolaven plateau. Cambodia is allowing visitors and the process has gotten a lot easier. Bearing in mind the amount of interest we may be able to pull off a month there on the current visa system budget permitting. India is not currently offering visas for the time frame which I'd need to spend there to get anything done. Unless this changes (the deadline for which would be summer time) it looks unlikely that we will be able to visit this year. With the recent changes in Thailand our thinking has been to focus there while everything is fresh and new - the conditions present there now in terms of landrace cannabis preservation are better than we'd ever hoped and that they ever have been. Obviously the bar has in recent years been very low - but we don't know how long this newfound relative freedom will last - nor if it will truly materialise in a way that we can use it for a long term conservation effort. Being on the ground puts us in a position where we can at least try to strike while the iron is hot. Final details are yet to be sorted out and visas approved etc so hold off for another announcement in the next couple of weeks. Cheers all!

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