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Updated: May 25, 2022

Zomia is back in Cambodia!

So far we have made initial forays into Takeo and Kampot provinces with incredible success, our long time collaborators in the region are warm to the idea of joining the collective and are able to procure seeds in the meantime. Eventually we hope to have access to a dozen farms growing NLD landraces and heirlooms from Kirivong, Northern Takeo and the Bokor region in this area. Negotiations are ongoing for full scale photography at the farms and the prospect of a proper, full-length collection trip in the region is very feasible at this juncture.

After a month in the country and on the back of a really tough week fruitlessly driving through the Cardamoms up to Siem Reap in horrendous weather, I have finally sorted through the seeds collected thus far. In total we have collected about 2000 though the vast majority are from the Takeo/Kirivong genepool.

For the upcoming subscriber drop the Cambodian accessions will then include:

Takeo #1 Kirivong #1 Bokor #1 Pursat #1

Along with anything else I can find while up north around Siem Reap in Bantear Meanchey or around and of course, our new, super rare Thai accessions from this season.

Descriptions and information wiill be up soon for the incoming seeds and all of our new Thais, I will add them all as listings on the webshop shortly. Understand, this represents barely a scratch in the surface. Cambodian Cannabis culture, while threatened, is proving to be very resilient and I have developed a firm belief that further time in country is not only warranted but a priority. Finally being back in Cambodia feels incredible after so long. Exciting times, especially given that our Koh Chang accessions have finally arrived!

Look out for livestream announcement where we will explain about the our trip so far, our new partners in Thailand and Cambodia and as always, thanks for your ongoing support!

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