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Pi Pin Photoshoot

Yesterday I spent some time with a local cancer patient wishes to stay anonymous and her friend, the owner of a local cafe called Pi Pin. Both grow a few plants at home from genetics sourced on the Island and Pi Pin was kind enough to let us Photograph her only adult plant.

This one was planted in October, because Pi Pin didn't know about light cycles. As a result, it will likely continue to veg until summer and hopefully will be huge by then. Pi Pin uses fermented chicken shit and has a tendency to overwater her plants. We've been advising her to keep at it with the organics and to try larger pots. Let's see what she can do!

I took about two hundred photo's some against a white background, which is the dream in Cannabis photography and will be using them as design elements for both Zomia and the GLCA.

Hopefully if it stops raining i'll bring the tripod and go to see her again to take some stock video footage of an NLD.

Hope you are all having a good one!

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