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Dec 2022 Drop - Important Information & Update

Hello everyone! Thank you all for your patience with the team and I. Here's an update now that I'm finally back in front of a desk and computer: We've been hard at work on multiple fronts. In Cambodia the team has been busy with the season harvesting and collecting seeds to replenish our stock. In Thailand much the same plus we've been working on our partnership with a local shop specialising in landraces to put up our first physical Zomia shopfront. Expect big news on that end in early 2023. Piano (Sakesan) has been busy coordinating between the various communities in Thailand to manage our ongoing seed stock and now that legalisation has occured sourcing landrace flower to sell in dispensaries. Thus managing relationships between the communities and the shops in that capacity has become an ongoing job for her in Thailand. Packaging is finalised and we are waiting for our first batch of 1000 boxes to get us going! We have 2 kinds available - small boxes with eppendorf capsules inside for normal packs and hand made bamboo breeder packs made by a Hmong community that we work with in northern Thailand. As far as India is concerned - I have a LOT of things to share and can only apologise for not providing more and better updates along the way. Unfortunately my laptop broke just before leaving which left me with only a phone that proved unsuitable for posting. The trip went extremely well however - we collected a huge amount of seeds from over 50-60 different accessions and made partnerships with local farmers that will yield much more seed from even more location specific accessions in the future. I wish that I had the stamina/budget/time to do more than just Parvati but given the amount of tourism there - it seems like the biggest priority. The northeast/meghalaya remain as the priorities... We're still planning out the next steps but it seems that we'll return to India very soon if not immediately. With the amount of seeds collected it was almost unfeasible to continue travelling so with the deadline impending for the drop I made the call to head back so we can get started on divvying up the seeds for you. Here is the link to all of the accessions made here: We've also added everything as products on the website though not all the descriptions are complete. You can also check out updated descriptions for some of our Thai and Cambodian accessions. We've separated the seeds now - today and the next few days we will be counting (in france) before sending off the seeds for the next patreon/member drop. We'll catch you up very shortly with more details and information. Very soon I'll get to posting on here all of the interviews, videos, pictures and posts from throughout the trip. Thanks all for you support! This trip was hectic and it was much, much needed!

Much love from all the team!

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